Me, Jenna, and Casey
Beginning around age eight, I started riding horses. Everything about horses was a huge part of my life, especially my endless happy hours spent at Westwinds Farm.
allie big jump
Horses were the focal point of my life for more than a decade. 
Manya and I Cbury
When I was younger, my family, with a group of other families, would go to the Craftsbury Outdoor Center for winter break. Now, coming back to Craftsbury and being part of the GRP feels like coming full circle.
little herringbone
I started cross country ski racing in 5th grade, after neither the hockey or alpine racing careers worked out.
Beginning my sophomore year of high school, I went to Stratton Mountain School, where I was surrounded by some of the fastest junior skiers in the country. 
311908_2322065245311_1365992875_n (1)
In the fall of 2011, I began my freshman year at Bates College. 
I spend many joyful hours in different school classrooms in Lewiston and the surrounding area. This stemmed from an interest in potentially being a teacher later in life. 
I had a great four years at Bates. I learned a lot in the classroom and about the world around me, as well as made some great friends. 
girls snow pile
In the spring of 2015, I joined the Craftsbury Green Racing Project. Though my first year here got off to a rocky start, I am excited to train and race with such a great group!




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